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Traveling safely is quite important for every tourist. Our North India tour and travels are the leading company for online cab and taxi booking services in Amritsar, we offer top notch cab hiring facilities with professional drivers be it, one way taxi service, outsation taxi services, airport pickup and local city tour.

North India Tour and Travels is your reliable taxi Hire in Amritsar.

As one of the leading providers of taxi services in the region, we offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs. From luxury cars to budget-friendly options, we have something for everyone.

Our drivers are highly trained professionals who are knowledgeable about the area and can provide advice on the best places to visit. We also ensure that all safety protocols are followed during each journey, so you can travel with peace of mind. With our competitive rates and consistent efforts, we have met the needs of individual customers and tourists with 100% satisfaction rate and you’ll be sure to have a pleasant experience when you choose North India Tour and Travels.

We offer a variety of cars for both corporate and personal travel, so you can be sure that your driver will be well-suited to your needs. Whether it's a business trip or pleasure excursion, we provide safe and reliable ways to get around Amritsar.

To get to the airport, railway station, or pick up family members on time, you need the best taxi service when it comes to long distance travel. You can book a taxi online.

North India Tour & Travels | Taxi Hire In Amritsar :Providing the Best Taxi Service in Amritsar

If you are looking for taxi Hire within Amritsar, or to take a ride outside the town, whatever the reason is, we are here to provide you with the best ordeal of comfort, and safety quality with the maximum affordable price. While we have evolved into one of the most reliable cab services in Amritsar, we still assure you of our commitment to providing best service in every walk of life.

Why to choose North India Tour & Travels | Taxi Hire in Amritsar?

Taxi services are a convenient way to get around town without having to drive your own car. They provide door-to-door transportation, with the added convenience of not having to worry about parking or finding your way. We provide a variety of taxi services to meet your needs. Whether you're looking for a short ride to the airport or a long-distance trip, we have what you need.

1. Professional and experienced team: North India Tour and Travels has a professional and experienced team that can help you plan your Amritsar trip in the most efficient way possible. They are familiar with the best places to visit, the best restaurants to try out, and the best hotels to stay in.

2. Cost-effective prices: North India Tour and Travels offer competitively priced packages that can fit most budgets. You can choose from different packages based on your requirements and budget.

3. Personalised services: The team at North India Tour and Travels will work closely with you to create a customized itinerary for your trip to Amritsar. They will ensure that all your needs are taken care of so that you have a memorable experience.

4. Wide range of activities: From sightseeing to shopping, from adventure trips to cultural tours, North India Tour and Travels offers an array of activities for you to enjoy during your Amritsar trip.

5. 24/7 customer support: If you have any queries or need assistance during your Amritsar trip, you can count on the friendly staff at North India Tour and Travels for round-the-clock support.

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Affordable taxi services have a wide range of taxis in Amritsar.

Taxi on rent in Amritsar

Rate Chart

Rate list for Local City Taxi, Outstation Tours, Airport Pickup & Drop, Hotel Package Rates

Cheap Tour Packages Rates
9 Days / 8 Nights Amritsar-Dalhousie-Dharamshala-Manali-Shimla- Chandigarh
Hotels CAB Total Package Rates
Standard Dezire  for 2Pax 78,500/-
3 Star/Deluxe Room Dezire  for 2Pax 108,750/-
Standard Hotel for 2 Room Innova For 4Pax 125,750/-
3 Star/Deluxe Room For 2 Room Innova For 4Pax 151,500/-
One Way Outstation Charges
Place Dezire/Etios
Indigo Tavera Crysta
Innova Tempo Traveller
Delhi 7500 7000 9000 12000 11000 24000
Chandigharh 3500 3500 5000 6500 5000 12000
Dharmshala 4500 4500 6000 9000 8000 10000
Mcloedganj 4500 4500 6000 9000 8000 10000
Dalhousie 4500 4500 6000 9000 8000 10000
Shimla 8000 8000 8400 11000 10000 16000
Jammu 5500 5500 5500 8500 8000 12000
Manali 11500 9000 14000 16000 15000 24000
Srinagar 11000 10500 14000 16000 15000 20000
Katra 5500 5500 5600 7500 7000 10000
Ludhiana 3000 2800 3800 4500 4000 6000
Jalandhar 2000 1900 2600 3500 3000 5000
Patiala 4500 4500 5500 6500 6000 9000
Bathinda 5000 5000 5000 7000 6500 10000
Firozpur 2800 2600 3200 5000 4000 6500
Bikaner 13000 11000 14000 19000 18000 28000
Jaipur 18000 15000 18000 27000 25000 37000
Pickup and Dropping Charges from Airport
Amage 800
1500 1500
               1800        3600
               3000        6000
              2500        5000
TEMPO TRAVELLER               4000        8000
Cheap Hotel Rates in Amritsar
Packages CAB Total Package Rates
Package for 2pax 3Days/2Nights H K Clark inn Hotel / similar Dezire for 2 Pax Rs.14000/-
Package for 2pax 3Days/2Nights Deluxe Hotel / similar Dezire for 2 Pax Rs. ,9000/-
Package for 2pax 3Days/2Nights Mukhan Hotel / similar Dezire For 2 Pax Rs 9000/-
Package for 2pax 2Days/1Night in H K Clark Inn Hotel / similar Dezire For 2 Pax Rs.8,000/-
Package for 2Pax, 2days/1night Deluxe Hotel / similar Dezire For 2 Pax Rs.5,500/-
Package for 2 Pax, 2 days/1 nights Mukhan Hotel / similar Dezire For 2 Pax Rs.7500/-
Package for 2Pax, 2days/1night Hong Kong in Hotel / smilar Dezire For 2 Pax Rs.6500/-
Package for 2Pax, 3days/2night Hong Kong in Hotel / similar Dezire For 2Pax Rs.11000/-

Tour Packages